Monday, November 7, 2016

To Whom it May Concern...

Dear Friends and Fellow Players in the Quest for World-Restoration,

It is time to make a public notice regarding a few things – this post is only being written so that I can make certain statements in a “public” space, using my actual name.  I am not planning on continuing to post any further from here on this site.

Months ago I took this blog down because I came into a combination of new knowledge and new life circumstances that made it necessary for me to not only switch gears, but also revise huge portions of this blog – generally speaking, not so much for content but rather for the sentiments expressed in several places throughout this site (keyword: generally speaking - indeed there were some factual errors too).  I really couldn’t afford to do all that work, and so down the blog went.

I feel satisfied that A Tree of Light has come and gone... I learned much while blogging that has enriched my life, and I feel confident that much of what I posted was uplifting and informative.  In any event, it is better to not leave a half-finished piece of work online - overall, it does not bring a valid return to the author or the audience.

Some of my old writings have been featured in other publications that I do not trust.  I have decided to gift them anonymously and freely only because said publications are being created and released by mostly good people – with a few unfortunate-yet-influential disinfo agents thrown in the mix – and I felt no desire to cause injury to good people.

My estimation is that most people in the truth/awakening community are good men and women who are doing their best to comprehend what is really taking place in our world, and, in some brave cases, are actually willing to work very hard to help heal our world.  Most of the people I have met in this journey fit that description, however I can also categorically state that certain individuals I have worked/brushed shoulders with in the past are evidently here to cause further distraction and chaos, and in general sequester the good intentions and vital energy of honest men and women.

Especially in the “law/sovereignty” field, I am TREMENDOUSLY skeptical of almost every self-described "expert" out there, based on events that I have come to witness – of extreme significance is the willingness on the part of so many to offer half-baked “legal” solutions to problems such as foreclosure, or the loss of ones children, that ultimately land many innocent people in jail.  I have actually seen first hand disinfo agents quote verbatim the hard work fellow researchers – true examples of humanity at its best – only to nearly curtail and destroy such hard work through the kind of false representation and misuse that hurts everyone.  Indeed, there are prominent “gurus” in the truth movement who I have met in the past that I am personally quite certain were paid agents for “intelligence” agencies.  I do not wish to name these people, though depending on their actions I feel that they are destined to lose everything they have built from the accumulated weight of shady dealings... Though I hope that, instead, that certain individuals heal and correct whatever it is that may be going on with them.

The point is, if you see the name “Paul Conant” on any publication that is NOT listed here on A Tree of Light, then please disregard it as a piece of work that I have, for various moral and intellectual reasons, disowned completely.  If I put more writing out into the world under my own name, I will list it here and include it in this public notice so that there can be no question as to what is and isn’t truly representative of the perspectives, ideas, and knowledge that I - if I were writing/blogging today - would INTEND to share.

As of now, no such publications exist anywhere online.

Thank you,

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